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Your contributions can make a difference

Join CBM Kenya in our quest to make the world a better place for people with disabilities. Donate to support persons with disabilities and those who are at risk of disability in Kenya.

Why you need to donate

CBMs work in eye health in Kenya involves working through partners to provide cataract surgeries. These surgeries have life changing impact on people. Little John is one such person:

Little John was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and received treatment. Later on his father noticed a spot in his eye. It was at CBM partner ‘Kikuyu Eye Hospital‘ that an ophthalmic nurse confirmed the family’s suspicions: he had cataract in not just one, but both eyes. Two weeks later John was scheduled for the surgery that would restore his sight. The operation was a success and now John has a chance to attend school.

You too can help change a child’s life today through supporting cataract surgeries. For as little as $32 (KES 3,000, EUR 25, GBP 22) you can change the life of a child like Little John.

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