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Brian Millimo Oneko, six years old low vision patient. - Local partner: Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) - P. 348 - Picture was taken during a research trip to Kenya in February 2004. NO ARCHIVING! NO RESALES! NO DISTRIBUTION! EDITORIAL USE ONLY!

Brian Millimo Oneko, six years old low vision patient

Dine for Sight

Villa Rosa Kempinski (map)

A child goes blind due to cataracts every minute. 50% of all children who go blind die within 2 weeks. A cataract operation takes only 15 minutes but most of the affected people can’t afford the cost of the operation.

Gizani and CBM are partnering to give sight to 100 children. Dine in the dark at the Villa Rosa Kempinski on the 28th of November, 2015 and help a child regain full vision.

Top visual artists will be exhibiting their work at the event gala in support of the cause. Proceeds from each ticket will go towards catering for a child’s cataract operation.

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