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Wezesha Elimu Project

CBM Mobile Clinic is a specialized orthopedic medical clinic that brings services direct to community access. The mobile clinic covers over 5,000km and 92 stations of the rural Kenya. The specialized team screens children suffering from conditions like clubfoot, bowlegs, knock-knee, curvature of the spine and disabilities stemming from polio, cerebral palsy, burn contractures and other congenital abnormalities. Additionally, this clinic serves as an orthopedic referral center for rural hospitals as orthopedic surgeons and other sort after orthopedic technicians are part of the team.

The clinics have two categories of patients’ new or returning patients seeking reviews. New patients are assessed and either treated at the camp or referred to the main hospital for further assessment. Review patients are mostly those who have had procedures done and are in need of either cast removal or require appliances to help with the healing process.

Some review patients might require physiotherapy. These cases are referred to the nearest rehabilitation centers or to the local community health workers who are specially trained on physiotherapy.

After the patient has fully recovered, he is referred to the EARC’s (Education Assessment and Referrals Resource Centers) who are responsible for assessment, issuing of the medical report and school placement.


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